Journal for the History of Knowledge vol. 1, no. 1 online

– Sven Dupré and Geert Somsen:
‘Forum: What Is the History of Knowledge?’

– Philipp Sarasin:
‘More Than Just Another Specialty: On the Prospects of the History of Knowledge’ 

– Johann Östling and David Heidenblad:
‘Fulfilling the Promise of the History of Knowledge: Key Approaches for the 2020s’ 

– Stéphane van Damme:
‘When Practices, Places and Materiality Matter: A French trajectory in History of Knowledge’ 

– Rens Bod:
‘How to Open Pandora’s Box: A Tractable Notion of the History of Knowledge’

– Marwa Elshakry:
‘Beyond a Singular History of Knowledge’ 

– Peter Burke:

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