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Bij de aanvang van het ESHS (European Society for the History of Science) congres in Brussel heeft ons bestuurslid Alexia Coussement ons genootschap Gewina kort voorgesteld aan de early career scholars. We mochten dit doen omdat Gewina één van de sponsors van het congres was. We zijn erg blij dat ondertussen zich al een aantal jonge onderzoekers aangemeld hebben voor meer informatie.

At the start of the ESHS (European Society for the History of Science) congress in Brussels, our board member Alexia Coussement briefly introduced our society Gewina to the early career scholars. We were allowed to do this because Gewina was one of the sponsors of the congress. We are very pleased that in the meantime a number of young researchers have already signed up for more information.

9th Gewina Meeting of Historians of Science in the Low Countries: Register now!

Contested Expertise: Trust in Science and Technology

Woudschoten Conference Center, Zeist, 17-18 June 2022

Welcome to the conference! We want to thank you for your enthusiastic response to the call for papers and look forward to your presentations. If you have any questions about registration, the programme, or other organisational issues, please mail us at


Please click here to download the latest Programme of the Conference (updated on 13 June 2022).

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Students Thesis Café

Tuesday 17 May 2022 8pm

We would like to invite students to the Gewina Students thesis café on Tuesday May 17 at 20.00. During this informal meeting students can share best practices on issues like writers block, deadline stress or how best to deal with feedback. Sign up here !

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Claire Morrison & Tim Debroyer

Call for papers: Does Science need Heroes? (Nobel) Prize cultures in the Netherlands

The history of the Nobel Prize, the most prestigious and visible science award in the world, is since the very beginning in 1901 intertwined with Dutch science history. Counting more than twenty Dutch laureates to date, among others Einthoven, van ’t Hoff and Tinbergen, the Netherlands rank among the top ten nations in the statistics of Nobelists per country.

Having said that, our understanding of how awards have been and are used as a symbol for excellence has remained poor. Using the Netherlands as a case-study, this symposium aims at investigating how scientific prizes in general and the Nobel Prize in particular are enacted in different settings (museums, universities, cities) and for various purposes. Drawing on current discussions about ‘heroes’ in science (vs. teamwork), we wish to explore the meanings and motives of scientific accolades in the Netherlands and beyond.

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