About Gewina

Gewina is the Belgian-Dutch Society for History of Science and Universities. It was founded in 1913 as a Dutch society for history of science and medicine. In 2008 it merged with several Dutch and Belgian organizations. At the moment, Gewina has almost 400 members, both professional historians and other people with an interest in the history of science, medicine, and universities in the broadest sense. Twice per year we have a meeting on a specific subject. In December 2013 we celebrated our Centenary.

Contact and membership information

The Netherlands recognizes Gewina as a charity (ANBI), which means the gifts – which are most welcome! – are deductible (RSIN: 804277655).


Gewina publishes the international, peer reviewed and open access Journal for the History of Knowledge. In addition, twice a year Gewina published Wonderkamer Magazine, a popular science journal.

Previous publications

Over the past century, Gewina and the other societies that merged in 2008 have published a range of journals. They are all available online:

The contributions to our yearly meeting on university history in December are published in the University and Society of Uitgeverij Verloren.